In 2001,
Charlie came into our lives....
In 2011,
he was diagnosed
with hemangiosarcoma.  

This website is our journey.
It is for anyone who has fallen in love with one of these four-legged babies.
It is for anyone who is also dealing with this dreaded canine disease.



August 26, 2011
The Canine Hemangiosarcoma Survey is now closed. 
We would like to thank the 300+ respondents. 
The summary will be sent to all those who sent in their requests.

August 23, 2011

July 13, 2011
Please take part in the Canine Hemangiosarcoma Survey (link below)

May 31, 2011

I fought this damned cruel disease with Charlie with every fiber of my being!!  I have tried everything I can - with the regular vets, with discussions with oncology vets, with discussions with holistic vets, with whatever I read about, with whatever I hear about.  But in the end, we lost the battle.

The past 2 days, Charlie did not eat anything except for the Clinicare liquid protein diet and the fruits/veggies from the juicer.  Last night, as was our everyday practice, he slept on our bed....but this time, not at the foot of the bed, but beside me....with me humming his lullabye to him, stroking and hugging him.

This morning, he woke us up with his barks (a rare sound the past month)....he wanted to go out to pee (the neat, clean dog until the end)....I could see he was having a lot of difficulty breathing....he peed outside our back door, then collapsed...we cradled him....comforting him, kissing him and whispering "i love you" to my heart, i knew the time has come....he took 2 deep long breaths....and then the deafening silence followed....hemangiosarcoma has beaten us....I laid Charlie down on his bed...closed his eyes....kissed him a lot....hugged him a lot....he looked like he was just sleeping..........

Charlie lost his battle with this horrible canine disease....but I will still fight it by updating this website with as much information as I can....with the hope that someday, another dog's battle will be won....

Charlie will be at 'Until We Meet Again' Pet Memorial Centre.  An On-line Memorial is also on their website:

Please forgive me for being such a 'dog-mom'....and thank you for bearing with me....thank you for letting me share my anguish....thank you for your words of comfort and for your prayers...thank you very very much....


I am a mere dog-mom, not a veterinarian.  All the information (current and future) in this website will be based on my own experiences and on my research alone, which involves interviews with veterinarians, cyber-conversations and email exchanges with other dog-moms/dads whose dogs also have hemangiosarcoma (special mention to my Sumner Foundation yahoogroup friends), veterinary articles and books, internet research, etc.., and must not be taken as professional canine medical fact.  If your pet is afflicted with hemangiosarcoma, make sure you get help and information from your veterinarian, from vet oncologists and holistic vets.

The number of dogs being diagnosed with cancer is devastating (1 in 4 according to canine cancer research sites).  If you have just found out that your beloved dog has this monstrous disease,  I hope reading about my journey with Charlie puts a tiny ray of light in your heart in the form of new-found knowledge and the assurance that there are people out there who have been through what you are going through and are willing to lend you their ears, their shoulders and their hearts.  My simple hope is that you will find a kindred spirit in me and that reading my experiences will provide you with 'tools' on how to deal with the ordeal.... 

We give our hearts to these creatures knowing that in 10-15 years they will be gone from our lives.   Hearing our vets tell us they'll be with us for only about 1 - 2 weeks after diagnosis is unacceptable.

This continuously 'work-in-progress' website is not just dedicated to Charlie.  It is dedicated to all dogs, healthy or otherwise, still with you or have already crossed the "rainbow bridge"....they are all always in our hearts.