Pepot, "Baby Dog-Dog", Pep,
August 23, 2000
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Breed: Bichon-Frise
Weight: 20 lbs.

A Spoiled Brat?!  A Snob?! Snooty Prince Charles?!! These are how Charlie has been called through the years.  It could be that I can be blamed for his demeanor.  The same as how I treat those that I truly love, I have treated Charlie as special, and he knows it!  He knows he is entitled to being treated as a Prince.  He does not realize he is a Prince only in my eyes.

He could indeed be a spoiled brat, but everyone knows as well that Charlie is one of the gentlest dogs you'll ever see.  My younger sister is the type of person who is so afraid of dogs, but when she stayed at my house for a couple of weeks while on vacation, she fell in love with Charlie.  She could not believe how behaved and gentle Charlie is!! He would never jump on you...would never tear through newspapers or shoes (we sometimes think he feels it is 'beneath' him to act like that!)...would never walk on pee or poo or anything that looks sticky.  Charlie must have been a cat in a past life, as he always ALWAYS cleans his paws before he sleeps.

Four years after I got Charlie, my daughter Nina, gave birth to my grandson AJ.  At first we thought Charlie would get jealous of our precious baby, but what occurred was that Charlie became my grandson's staunchest protector.  He also became my grandson's playmate/pillow/stuffed toy rolled into one.  When AJ was smaller, he would lean on Charlie when he was sleepy and oftentimes Charlie would not move an inch and would just let AJ fall asleep....that is, unless he himself was sleepy!! 

Yes, Charlie is a 'sleepyhead" like me!!  He 'loves his bed' so much....Weekend mornings are sleep-in mornings for us....Charlie would cuddle with me, even until noontime!!  He has his little 'sofa-bed' in the family room and his little bed in our bedroom, but he prefers to sleep on our bed, with his own blanket and his own pillow.

Charlie probably thinks he is not a dog, he most probably thinks he is human...and that is perfectly fine with me....