April 25, 2011

Joe and Tucker

Tucker is a much-loved Golden Retriever who survived 7 months past being diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and having a splenectomy.  He passed away January 2011.

Tucker's 'pet-dad' Joe is one of the SumnerFoundation yahoogroup's most supportive and knowlegable members who unfailingly provide advice and words of wisdom everytime Charlie and I encounter another hurdle.  I am sure all 400+ members echo my emotion of feeling extremely blessed to have been given his advices.

Some nuggets of wisdom from Joe:

"After the loss you feel so alone... even though your friends and family give their condolences and recognize that he was part of your family, sometimes you get the feeling they just don't "get it".   You try and explain that you had a special relationship with your dog, that you communicated to each other, that you feel fortunate you could develop such a bond with an animal. I simply tell them "he was my friend."

" Just remember, try not to worry about the little things, when he seems a little more tired than usual, sleeps a little longer..etc.  More likely than not you will know when the time comes.

"I think in the end I went with it because you feel so helpless, you want to do something, thus doing nothing really seemed to not be an option for me.   And also I thought if I did nothing then I would always have that question lingering "what if?"

Joe has spent a lot of time researching on HSA and his experiences with Tucker has really assisted me in my decisions with Charlie.

Sending my thanks to Joe and Tucker.