Through the Years


August 23, 2000

Charlie was born.

July 2001
We adopted Charlie from Coquitlam SPCA.  He was 11 months old, was very well-behaved....and very very lovable.  

Picked-him up from work....drove to Coquitlam, brought him to my office.
He was such a good boy..,but would cry each time I left my office

2nd vet visit, Jim and Yaks were supposed to walk him to the vet.  While walking, he managed to slip out of his collar...Jim and Yaks were sooo afraid, they ran and ran after him.

loves to run sooo fast up and down the stairs in the townhouse
loves to play with a stuffed toy mouse....throwing it and he would run very fast to get it
sits at the basement, waiting for us to go home....
sits at the window seat in the living room

walked with us in the byrne creek woods  behind townhouse complex. Conrad carried him on way home....

had a birthday party at home with dogs in the neighborhood....

Charlie goes with us to Seattle

has  a habit of when you stop petting him on the head, he'll nudge your hand so that it's resting agsin on his head and so that you'll pet him....

has a habit of scratching your hand when he wants you to pet him...

we all went to san francisco to spend the Holidays, Charlie included..

AJ was born...guards him...

We move to our new house...Charlie loves the bigger yard to run around in.

birthday party at new house, we invited dogs of friends, co-workers and neighbors




May 31, 2011