To Ethan, with Love
A little blue whale, a snoopy and a croaking frog
Who would have thought, the favorite toys of a dog
Howling at sirens, fireworks, covered in balls of snow
My best furry buddy, always ready to go
Two legged prancing, water bottles and a rawhide,
Peeing on the carpet, mommy's fit to be tied
A little red harness, nice white coat and black nose
A tiny Christmas Westie from Daddy that Mommy chose
Again and again chasing and barking after the cat
No matter how many times she smacks you like that
Cold wet nose across calves in one motion
Licking the scent off of girly lotion
Wagging tail, trusting eyes, believing again
A cloud of dust following a little Pig Pen
Hating a bath and dirty in a blink
Covered in mud and rolling in stink
Missing Mommy, crying, refusing to eat
A little dog's love, so innocent and sweet
One vibrating mouse, long rides, a good boy
An incredibly smart brilliantly frustrating joy
Hopping on guests, always wanting to play
Slinking like a cat after your prey
TV turns off and a pup prances to bed
Not even one word needing to be said
Days passing, napping in the grass, lost in a haze
Momma has two baby humans to raise
Running away, panic, searching high and low
Returning home with nothing to show
In, out, up, down, never a break
Choking on a birthday cake
Sickness, no hope and not enough time
Always faithful, cheery and my sunshine
Sick belly, sick body, silently slipping away
One more test, another treatment, won't you please stay
Sad face, heavy head and tired eyes
Up late at night with heavy breath and cries
Mommy's selfish and didn't want you to go
But it was your time and this I know
Thank you for staying as long as you could
Staying for me longer than you should
A little gift on loan from above
One of the purest, truest forms of love
My heart is broken as our time together comes to an end
Thanks you, Sweet Ethan, for being my friend.